[Tig] Lustre v Baselight

Martin Sansom martinsansom at hotmail.com
Sat May 14 09:23:20 BST 2011

I agree with Cedric about the Baselight curves, they are very good, much  
better than Lustre. The Lustre though has four types of window softening,  
blur, inside, outside, and best of all it has variable softness, the  
Lustre has three trackers, point, shape, and geometry. The Lustre has  
clean up on the keyer which is nice. If you're coming to a software colour  
corrector from Da Vinci/Pogle the Lustre has navigational similarities to  
those devices whereby you select an option such as secondary grading and  
every tool that is available is there on the GUI at once, the Baselight  
has a pull down menu system that requires a bit more navigation and the  
Baselight colourists I've spoken to prefer this. The Baselight has a  
compositor which the Lustre will never have because of product conflict  
though there is a compositing plug in for Lustre available. The Baselight  
stacking system gives the colourist more options for combining secondaries  
and further tools.
At the end of the day it's a personal preference issue, I like the Lustre  
because in my opinion it's much faster to use but is a bit fiddly,   
Baselight colourists like the logical way you can build a grade and edit  
the components within each stack.
At the end of the day it's a personal preference issue about navigating  
your way through the GUI, both systems are pretty amazing and they both  
have the tool sets I've dreamed of for years, you can't decide from a  
distance, you just have to sit down with each of them and make your choice.


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