[Tig] Cheaper Grading Monitor / Re: Eizo alternative to HP Dreamcolor

Daniel danmitre at yahoo.com
Wed May 18 21:18:03 BST 2011

 Dear Rory, Steve,All

Thank you for the info, much appreciated.
I will ask for a demo for the DreamColor still as I heard some very good reviews.

If the budget wasn't a problem I'd go for Barco in a heartbeat , or Cinetal or a few others, but I need a cheaper temporary solution for a new system.
Please let me know from your experience what other cheaper "color critical" or grading monitors are out there.

ps. I must say, one time I saw an Eizo installed on a Flame and I have to say I wasn't very impressed about its performance and also the Flame guy told me that it wasn't a grading monitor/model.


George Daniel Mitre 
Mobile : +971 504668243


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