[Tig] Eizo alternative to HP Dreamcolor display?

Christian Lessner Christian.Lessner at optixdigital.de
Thu May 19 13:45:50 BST 2011


Thanks for the feedback so far!

The situation with the Dreamcolor over here in Germany is that it seems to be out of stock at the moment. Our supplier here checked in with various sources and estimates it might be delivered "in a few weeks". 

I currently have a rental Eizo CG243 on my desk for evaluation with the mobile Resolve. I will put it alongside the Lustre tomorrow and see if we can get it to be a good enough match to suffice for a first on-set grading. Mobility is the important factor here, we are not looking to replace the big CRTs, it has to be a small portable kit for on-set work. So a 50+ inch Plasma is too large and the Cinetal/Barco league is too expensive for the purpose. 

I will report back when we have done some testing on the Eizo. But again, thanks for the feedback so far. It sounds like we might just wait for the Dreamcolor. 


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