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If you add a node in "Track" instead of "Clip" you will get an overall node for the entire timeline. If you want a group of shots to get an overall do a ctrl, left mouse click on each shot you want to do an overall to, then left mouse click and you'll get an option to add to a group. Add them and name the group. All shots added to this group will highlight in orange. Color to your hearts content, then either remove shots from the group if you want to color them seperately, or delete the group. 


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I have a question on how to do overall changes on multiple shots in DaVinci Resolve. 
Lets say I have my timeline more or less fully graded and then want to apply an overall desaturation or lift up the gamma a notch on all shots. On a Pogle I could do a trim all, or on a Lustre, I could for example use an empty secondary that is then copied on all shots. How would you do this in Resolve? Is there a way to copy a node to all shots? I am probably missing a really obvious way of doing it, I am still having a few problems wrapping my head around this world of nodes and how it affects grouping. 


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