[Tig] 4x3

Craig Leffel craig at optimus.com
Fri May 27 16:28:07 BST 2011

Yeah, I know Lou.

This protect for 4x3 BS is mostly for commercials... and the concept only really applies to not losing critical information like products or faces.
I've worked on may where 4x3 would not work at all. And then the agency has to specifically ask for Letterboxed SD. Personally, I'd rather see everyone frame for 16x9, and just do Letterbox downrez's so picture content stays the same in either standard. Apparently the great unwashed complain about Letterboxing as it doesn't fill the frame.

Maybe one day soon the government will sponsor a trade in program for old TV's like they did for Clunkers.

Let's hope.

You're right Lou, but we're talking commercials here...


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 to the group,

           please keep in mind that there is really no such thing as composing
images for two different shapes at the same time. period. all you can do is compromise 
both compositions. protect is not the same as compose.

          personally, i&#39;ve been waiting for accountants to intervene,, with "why am i paying
for more than one version?", but i guess in the world we seem to be in now, that would result
in the wrong shape being chosen every time


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