[Tig] Kris Kolodziejski, Testimonial and eulogy

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This is very, very sorrowful news. Kris hired me in 2000 and through my
job at Digital Film Lab I learned the digital intermediate color correction
process. He was incredibly giving with his knowledge and his passion for post production
was infectious. I am extremely indebted to him. Even after I left DFL, he was
always encouraging when I spoke to him. He was one of the most inspiring,
nurturing and downright kind bosses I have ever had. Kris, you are missed more
than you know.
Natasha Leonnet

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> Dear TIG admin.
> Can you please post this from former Colorist and TIG member Demetri
> Kitsopoulos ? Thank you.
> Jorgen Christiansen.
> "Last week, the Digital Imaging community lost a pioneer, Kris Kolodziejski.
> Kris launched the heralded Digital Film Lab in Copenhagen, Denmark.
> Through his vision, technical prowess and mastery of film, Kris perfected
> the Digital Intermediate process to a level envied by colleagues with
> seemingly far more resources.
> A true renaissance man.  As a definitive perfectionist, Kris gained the
> trust and admiration of many notable cinematographers by ensuring every
> light sculpted frame of film was developed to exacting and consistent
> standards at DFL's innovative chemical laboratory and then immortalized
> faithfully through the Digital Intermediate process he refined and
> perfected.
> He was an honorable man, who shared his vision and science with digital and
> film artist alike ...and the telecine community at large.  He was beyond a
> key collaborator with Fuji, Discreet Logic, Sony and Philips/Thomson.  His
> innovations included advances and collaborations in Cinematography, Theater
> Projection standards, Data storage, LUT’s and even reverse-engineering the
> Philips / Thomson "Spirit Datacine" from which many in our industry
> benefitted.
> Beyond his supreme and tireless dedication to the digital imaging and film
> industries, Kris was certainly a connoisseur.  He was an audiophile and
> film enthusiast.  He spoke Polish and Japanese.  His hands were as skilled
> as his mind, building a playground for neighborhood children, cooking
> Japanese food, flying remote-controlled airplanes and even completing a
> full, frame off restoration on his amazing Corvette.
> His family was his colleagues.  As a film and digital imaging guru, he
> mentored many of the talents that excel in our industry today.  He also
> continued to lecture, demonstrate and share his self-taught knowledge with
> most anyone who had the same intrigue with the visual and technical arts.
> Many of us continue to benefit from his innovations, and as such, share in
> his immortal legacy.
> Rest in Peace,
> Demetri Kitsopoulos"
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