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Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Thu Feb 2 10:46:55 GMT 2012

Hi all
Here is an idea:

When a movie that YOU have graded is coming up on cinema. (or TV-series
season starts) you post on Tig a short description of your work on it.

Would be best I it was posted same week or even premiere-night so it is
fresh and relevant.

For example:

Just finished a movie 'Aliens on Radio 3D'.
Shot on Red Epic with some inserts of 16mm (for fake archive material) and
Hvx200 (for the iPhone-camera shots).
Graded it in Resolve.
Lots of vxf done in Nuke.
Started to grade the wip-fx-clips and then they just replaced my source and
the final comp popes up in the timeline.
Started grafting in 3D for 5 weeks. Then when that was approved we swapped
to left eye only and did the 2D master in 1day.
Graded in DCI P3. Then converted with a lut to Rec709. Also did a trim pass
(on a Panasonic vt30) adjusting some shots. Otherwise the lut was fine.
Assistant spent one day to make the 'airplane version' to zoom in/crop some
shots to fit a smaller screen.
Also used a lut to convert to make an iTunes 'iPhone-version'.

(all this above was fake. Just an example of what could be written about
your movie)

Just a shame that the best and most interesting parts probably can't be
posted. Like:
Graded the film alone for 5days. Then the Dop shows up and has a idiotic
idea so j have to start over. Then after another 4 days he shoots of and
the dir comes in and changes it all again.
And the bl**dy camera the used was not the best option. Lots of metadata
missing so we had to spend 9days just to get the conform. And the
production didn't backup on any good hard drives. So we had to sent a few
of to try to recover the data that was stuck on it after it crashed.

I have a movie coming up (only in Sweden though) in middle of February.
I'll post about it later, if someone post something before.

(no affiliation with Red/Panasonic/Apple/Nuke/BlackMagicetc etc)

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