[Tig] Cinemascan in End Credits

Marc Wielage mfw at musictrax.com
Fri Feb 3 00:47:29 GMT 2012

On 2/2/12 3:20 PM, "Carl Skaff" <carl at stopp.se> wrote:

> Just saw 'In Time' and in the end credits there was some titles that I
> never seen before. Anyone knows what this is:
> Cinemascan dailies by EFilm
> Cinemascan Colorist
> Cinemascan Project Manager
> And while on End-Credit-subject.
> I was 'Digital Optics' in the credit list...
> Isn't 'Optical Effects' the old days way of doing opening titles and other
> cool effects.
> What is 'Digital Optics' and why isn't it just called
> vfx/nuke/shake/flame-artist?

Cinemascan is eFilm's proprietary process for scanning film dailies and then
making the same look available for the final D.I. color correction.

This is detailed on the eFilm website:


I believe Technicolor, Deluxe, Company 3, The Motion Picture Company,
Colorworks, and several other firms all have versions of the same idea.

Digital Optics is just somebody being clever with a job title.  In truth, a
VFX artist nowadays might use five or six different tools, so confining it
to a single process might not be accurate.

--Marc W.

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