[Tig] Croma aberration

Michael Bittle mlbnyc at verizon.net
Thu Feb 9 19:06:35 GMT 2012

out of curiosity... is this a phenomena that is consistent wrt a specific lens or does the aberration vary depending on spectral content of the image within same specific lens?

in other words, if you align an algorithm based on a test or benchmark image, can that be applied globally to all shots by that lens?


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> Sorry, I really should have been more specific.
> Peter Thompson records HDcamSR from a Sony HDC 1500, mounted in a Cineflex
> with a very long Fujinon lens. Obviously all lenses suffer some degree of
> chroma aberration, and he wants to know if anyone out there has devised a
> way, apart from taking each individual frame into a program like Aperture,
> to deal with this problem.
> If nothing exists, I wonder why, as images could be improved a whole lot.
> Or does no one see this as an issue?
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