[Tig] The Gathering, February 9th, Hollywood.

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri Feb 10 06:35:03 GMT 2012

Craig Risebury, Francisco the Galician, Laura Jans Fazio, Neil Kempt, Mike Waldie, Natasha and Andrew (from EFilm), Paul Korver (Cinelicious), Jonathan and Bobby (from SohoNet), Clark Muller, Adolpho Martinelli, Dwaine Maggart, Rob Lingelbach, Josh Petok, Nicole (Roush Media), Doug Thomas (Spectra Image)....  and I'm sure to have missed some others; these are some of those who collected en masse at The Cat and The Fiddle for an evening of good cheer.  

Thanks to all who came, it was as pleasant as could be.  And multinational.  Mike Waldie made the trip from England.  Neil Kempt landed his Cherokee at Sunset and Seward, Francisco represented the Autonomous Northwestern Iberian Peninsula, Laura represented herself.  And Dwaine wanted the Swinsonian math to prevail (20 beers x 20 people = 400 beers for all).

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