[Tig] RGB to XYZ on Resolve

Rogério Moraes rogermamo at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 14:15:18 GMT 2012


      In an experiment, I was trying to do a color conversion from a REC
709 colorspace to an XYZ, for DCI compliant images on a Resolve and as a "
control group", did the same on AE. Got two different images as output....
my question: does anyone knows what kind of conversion Davinci Resolve does
when exporting (rendering) a REC 709 graded material (or in any RGB color
space) to an XYZ .tiff? Does it apply a gamma of 2.6 for the XYZ color
space or just converts the color gamut matrix for it's calculations,
resulting in an XYZ colored image, but with a different gamma (2.2 is my
Thanks for the attention
Rogério Moraes

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