[Tig] RGB to XYZ on Resolve

Rogério Moraes rogermamo at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 16:33:27 GMT 2012

No responses yet. It appears that the 8.2 Resolve deals with some DCI/XYZ
issues( found a thread here http://www.knuterikevensen.com/?p=711 ). Since
I do not have this version, and at 8.1 Resolve does not output .j2c files
(basically, I'm trying to improve a DCP workflow) the gamma (or degamma)
question still is the main point for me in here. Where in Resolve should I
tell it to output the image (even if a tiff... my  DCP software will do the
.j2c/mxf wrapping, without color converting to XYZ and the required gamma
later, if the image is already DCI compliant) with a 2.6 gamma? Will I have
to create a 3d LUT for this?
Thank you all

2012/2/15 gold at duplicorp.com <gold at duplicorp.com>

> Hi Rogério,
> I didn´t find  a response to your question and I am very intersted in it.
> Did you receive a response or found anything new?
> Thank you in advance for any info you can give me.
> Daniel Goldschlager
> DRG New Media
> Caracas, Venezuela
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> Hello
>      In an experiment, I was trying to do a color conversion from a REC
> 709 colorspace to an XYZ, for DCI compliant images on a Resolve and as a "
> control group", did the same on AE. Got two different images as output....
> my question: does anyone knows what kind of conversion Davinci Resolve does
> when exporting (rendering) a REC 709 graded material (or in any RGB color
> space) to an XYZ .tiff? Does it apply a gamma of 2.6 for the XYZ color
> space or just converts the color gamut matrix for it's calculations,
> resulting in an XYZ colored image, but with a different gamma (2.2 is my
> guess)?
> Thanks for the attention
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