[Tig] Sony F65 RAW

Phil Barrett philb at filmlight.ltd.uk
Fri Feb 17 08:44:22 GMT 2012


> I presume the raw output from F65 is in MXF, don't know how it is I
> was expecting a Sony Raw File format like ArriRaw .ari ?? Also
> supporting software from Sony is not so good, and LUT making tool 
> sets
> are still not polished enough. Still resolve and Quantel have and 
> many
> others don't have the SDK embedded. Creating dailies is another thing
> that is of concern.

Disclaimer: I wrote the F65 RAW support in Baselight.

Unlike ARRIRAW, which uses a file per frame, Sony have chosen to put 
the F65 RAW data in a single-file MXF wrapper along with audio tracks.

The data is 4K RAW using an unusual sensor pattern: 4K of green pixels 
with alternate red and blue pixels in the interstices of the green grid.

The RAW data is captured at the same exposure regardless of camera 
settings, so you can adjust Exposure Index at will in post.

Conversion matrices are supplied to get the 16-bit linear data into 
Rec.709, P3 or S-Gamut primaries, with either a linear or S-Log tone 

Phil Barrett

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