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Very true Graham!!! When it comes to initial grades, or dailies grades  on any raw files, I have never seen anything a LUT can do that I can't do better. Funny how for so many years we graded film in it's many falvours with out LUTS. Todays colorists rely on too many pre-packaged fixes and looks that take the fun and true creativity out of it. 

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<a LUT is whatever you want it to be> 
How about we call it colour correction !! what a novelty 

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Some interesting comments from LA Light Iron Digital's Michael Cioni, who 
reveals how they avoided using traditional LUTs for the recent 4K/5K film 
THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO during their workflow and post process: 


Instead, they debayered the R3D files to 4K DPX log files, set to 
RedLogFilm, and then used custom curves on their Pablo color corrector, with 
linear color grading, all viewing in P3 color space in a projector.  (This 
is about a 35-minute presentation; the LUT conversation starts around 28 
minutes in.)  He says what I've said for years, in that a LUT is whatever 
you want it to be -- and that in some cases, the LUTs can work against you 
and actually slow the process down. 

Very interesting point of view, and Michael is a very articulate and 
passionate spokesman for 4K post.  I have no doubt his thoughts will be 
controversial, but Cioni makes a good case for what they did, and the film 
obviously did well (and was nominated for several Oscars). 

--Marc W. 


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