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No. I have seen too many times when the LogC to Rec709 clips or crushes and/or just doesn't look balanced. I always look at LUTs provided to me by DoP's, to get some idea what they were going for, but do not use them when grading. Don't know how VFX people use them. 

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When you guys grade Alexa LogC (from Prores)... Do you prefer to load a Lut 
or not? 

This is for grading for TV. 

And for you filmguys... 
Anyone using a LogC>Linear Lut and the applying your own in-house-created 

I suppose that for an IIF ACES-workflow we would need to load a LogC>Lin 
Lut and then the IDT. Or? 

Or is the LogC>Lin mainly for VFX 


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