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Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Sat Feb 18 19:22:20 GMT 2012

Hey all

Here is topic for discussion.

How do people QC a DCP?

In the old days (not too long ago) we used to shoot out to Neg and then to
a Print.
Then the best way to QC the print was (if you ask me) to do a butterfly
splitscreen between the digital projector (playing the graded DPX on your
grade-system) and the analog film projector.

That way we could check that the grade was ok and translated fine with our
LUTs and we could determine if the added/removed grain/noise works fine
with the filmgrain. Etc etc

Now when we deliver DCP it should be possible to have a smart application
that can play the graded DPX in splitscreen to the DCP.
I suppose it should be fairly easy if you are on a DCI projector in P3, XYZ
bla bla bla and all that.
But if I was to grade on a Rec709 monitor/projector I suppose the app would
need to be able to load the correct convertionLUTs on either side.
That way we could QC the DCP, not only to check the convertion but also
make sure that the compression didn't mess it up. And if we see an artifact
we could just wipe over the original DPX to compare.

Anyone know of such an app or am I thinking about this the wrong way?

How do YOU qc your dcp?


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