[Tig] QC a DCP

Dan Tatut dtatut at marquise-tech.com
Sat Feb 18 23:32:58 GMT 2012

Hi Carl,

there are a couple of issues that could arise when trying to display a 
DCP on a Rec709 monitor:

1) the Rec709 color space is smaller than the DCI P3 so even with a 
great effort, you will only be able to simulate not emulate.
2) the LUTs you may use/have/create will introduce interpolation and 
interpolation is always an approximation
3) the rec709 monitor is often single link only (yes, there are more 
facilities using single link than dual link), so your chroma will not be 
as accurate as in a true 4:4:4 signal
4) the perception of colors is slightly different in a true DCI 
environment (understand a true DCI projector in a decent projection 
room). This may have an influence on the "quality" that you want to check.

the vast majority of people I have seen use EasyDCP (don't get me wrong, 
the software is good and the price as well) and create DCPs in Rec709 
mode because it's the only thing they can QC in their facility. So 
basically they are making digital HD tapes, nothing more.

Often the QC is happening on computer monitors that do a lot of nasty 
things with colors so you barely see a proper signal. Even an HP 
DreamColor can only get as close as 95% of the DCI gamut. So depending 
on the case, you may be looking at an image that will be slightly 
different from what people will see in the cinemas..


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