[Tig] Sony F65 RAW

Jim Houston jdhouston at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 19 17:50:05 GMT 2012

The RAW footage is 'linear light' linear values and if converted to 
 a working 16-bit file with no LUT will look as you describe, everything
 too dark with high value whites.  The native color space is S-Gamut.
To work on the files, they should be converted to a good working color
 space such as P3, rec709, or ACES, although you can work in S-Gamut
 directly but you will need to apply different saturation amounts to some
 secondary colors.   More importantly,  to work correctly on any particular
 display, you would need to apply a S-curve style film LUT, or apply
 a gamma correction (  1 / 2.6 for a digital projector ) to get to a 
 decent starting point.

For grading the F65 sample reel, I used the ACES workflow and converted
 S-Gamut/S-Log to ACES color space and then previewed the images
 with an RRT LUT in Baselight before color correction.  The RRT was baked
 in when creating the DCDM master.

Jim Houston
Producer "F65 Sample Reel" for Sony Electronics
former Sony affiliate

On Feb 16, 2012, at 2:34 PM, Carl Skaff wrote:
> Anyone out there that has worked on F65 RAW footage?
> I wonder if we need to apply a lut on on it. Or should we just grade it as
> is.

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