[Tig] TIG Tshirts for all

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Wed Feb 22 06:27:36 GMT 2012

it's not finalized.  we're working on press-ready artwork now.  when that is done it's a matter of a week until I get them, then I send them out.

Please don't send you order yet, we don't know enough about it to amortize the expense.  But be assured that they will be awesome, inspiring the colorist handshake all around.   

Now who knows the colorist handshake?

On Feb 21, 2012, at 10:14 PM, Marc Wielage wrote:

> On 2/21/12 9:55 PM, "Rob Lingelbach" <rob at colorist.org> wrote:
>> qualty?   returnability?  slave labor?
>> ------------------------------<snip>------------------------------<
> I understand Apple will make them cheap!  :-(
> Let me know what I owe you for 2.  I could probably fit a medium, but large
> might be more comfy.  I'll pay for one for Gary Adams.
> Can you put a picture of this thing on the TIG website?  (Unless it's
> already there!)
> --MFW

Rob Lingelbach  http://rob.colorist.org
TIG founder/admin, colorist

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