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Marc Wielage mfw at musictrax.com
Sun Feb 26 05:39:06 GMT 2012

On 2/25/12 9:06 PM, "Rob Lingelbach" <rob at colorist.org> wrote:
> Yet, if you're the connoisseur of lighting that I am, you find that the medium
> shots, the closeups,
> the various tableaux that take you into the heart of the film, it's
> extraordinary the play of light and
> shadow, and the unity of color that keeps the film in its period.

I agree, one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen.  Even Jim Cameron
has said it's the best-looking 3D movie ever made (so far).  It's very hard
to argue with that.  I really, really loved the film -- the art direction,
the mood, the story, the characters, everything came together very well.
I'm really disappointed that it didn't do better at the box office.

> Can anyone say what the capture medium was?

Arri Alexa, I believe in a Cameron-Pace 3D rig.  But I think the movie looks
great more because of Bob Richardson's lighting than the colorists or the

--Marc W.

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