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Jim Houston jdhouston at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 26 19:09:03 GMT 2012

For 1.85, it should take about 13 seconds to go from bottom of screen to top at 24fps.
But the more exact timing is that you want the leading edge of the text to move across
an integral number of lines per frame (for 1080, 3 or 4 lines per frame) to avoid
 temporal aliasing.

On TI-DLP's, you can still have an edge flicker happen because DMD mirrors
 have a hard time going directly from full black to full white.  Blurring the titles
 a little can help this out by giving a pixel or two of grey.  Also titles should only be
 at about 80% full range luminance.

The font type can have more of a negative effect than the actual size.
Thin horizontal strokes need to be avoided (chinese fonts are the worst for that).

Hard to answer on the difference between 25fps and 24fps without looking at it
 and knowing how close to the 'edge' the font and speed is.

Jim Houston
Pasadena, CA

On Feb 26, 2012, at 3:10 AM, Carl Skaff wrote:

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> Hi all
> Maybe this is slightly off topic.
> But here goes anyway.
> Sometimes I see end credits that studder/strobe/flicker.
> I think there is a 'common rule' to follow to not get that.
> Anyone knows those rules and would like to share it?
> I suppose that the strobing comes from an interference between the speed of
> the rolling text (line per second) and the framerate (50i/50p/24p/25p...),
> but does the font-size have an effect?
> If it looks good in 1920x1080 in 25p... Will it look the same after its
> been shot out to film and projected in 24?
> If the DI was done in 1920x1080 (with a 2,35 letterbox) and then converted
> to 2048x1080 (with 2,35 letterbox) will it still look the same?
> Any comments appreciated.
> /Carl
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