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Rob, glad you enjoyed the film.  It was a wonderful film to work on.

Let's hope it wins some awards tonight!

Mark Todd Osborne

On Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 9:06 PM, Rob Lingelbach <rob at colorist.org> wrote:

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> I had the chance recently to see _Hugo_, the Scorsese film.
> I had to disassociate myself from my own recollections of Paris, very
> different from
> the process shots especially at the opening of the film (and particularly
> in shots from
> a bridge over the Seine that show the Louvre in the background with what
> look like
> cartoon renditions of trees); also the regular snowflakes and too-perfect
> neighborhoods
> of the arrondissements of central Paris.  These might have been partially
> responsible for the
> 170 million dollar budget of the film, and in my humble opinion need not
> have been so
> elaborate.  There is also a train station in a few long shots that doesn't
> exist so close to the
> Seine, unless I'm mistaken.
> Yet, if you're the connoisseur of lighting that I am, you find that the
> medium shots, the closeups,
> the various tableaux that take you into the heart of the film, it's
> extraordinary the play of light and
> shadow, and the unity of color that keeps the film in its period.
> My hearty congratulations to any of the colorists; Robert Richardson, DoP;
> the Art Direction (10
> people listed); and the Director, Scorsese.
> Other than the false environment of the long aerial shots of Paris, I
> found this film to be one of high
> art, especially for cinematography (lighting).  Story and characterization
> seemed to grow on me as
> it unfolded, but there is nothing like gorgeous cinema to keep you
> mesmerized.
> Can anyone say what the capture medium was?
> Rob
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