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On Feb 26, 2012, at 12:37 PM, Joey D'Anna wrote:

> Can't wait to check it out...I think sometimes people get caught up in the "3d is just a gimmick" talk - and on a ton of films its true, but I honestly love 3d when its done in such a way as to really enhance the storytelling.

You'll enjoy it … story is great ... saw it twice in two different LA theaters … the first time the blacks were lifted and there was a blue cast to the imagery … second time, the Director and his crew were in attendance and the projector was calibrated correctly (surprise, surprise) … what a difference that made to the perception of 3D … correct black and white points enhanced the contrast and the 3D depth perception cues … so make sure your 3D TV is correctly calibrated.

At the second screening it was fascinating to hear the Director, Art Director and VFX Super discuss how much prep went into making the 3D in HUGO work as well as it did. It really is a great example of 3D being used in support of story telling. They planned out set-design meticulously as well as the blocking and shooting and VFX. 

BTW, the extra snow flakes were actually a demand of the Director … but agree with Rob, I thought it was slightly overdone … but then, hey, what do I know about making $180 million dollar movies?

We're grading a 3D feature at the moment … it's a ghost story with a great twist … the filmmakers have really sussed out how to use 3D to pull the audience into the story .. the days of using 3D just as an 'in your face' gimmick are surely coming to an end … when used properly, 3D is part of a new grammar of visual story telling.

Interestingly, in grading this feature, we've also learned of the importance of color in enhancing depth perception cues in 3D … not just in shot to shot color balancing but within each shot to amplify perspective and volume.

Be interested to hear from other colorists who have graded 3D projects on their thoughts on using color to enhance the 3D experience.


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