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Hi Everyone, NOT TAKING ORDERS, I tried to make that clear a couple times already....  but now I know the interest is there.   I will try to sort out the size information from the emails already received, or, create a web page.   I'm waiting for my first sample this week to give the printer the go ahead.

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> Do I understand this to mean you are now taking orders - if so 2 for us please XL and XXL if possible
> Thanks
> T.
> Teresa Firlit 
> Video Engineering 
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> Sohonet http://www.sohonet.co.uk sponsors the TIG.
> Support from Nucoda www.imagesystems.tv
> Support from Blackmagic Design http://www.blackmagic-design.com/
> ====
> There will be available TIG T-shirts at NAB in Vegas.
> How the transaction occurs will depend on shadowy men in fedoras.  I don't 
> understand,
> if demo units are sold at NAB which I have heard about for years, why you can't 
> sell at NAB.
> But whatever is required, we will comply.  I'll be bringing 70 shirts to the 
> show, in a spread of
> sizes, and if there is a run on a particular size, I will endeavor to fill that 
> order from L.A. when
> I get back.  
> How many people would like a hat with TIG logo?  low profile, DoP style, with 
> TIG on the front.
> Black color.
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