[Tig] LED Bias Background Lighting and CRI

Thomas Maier thomas-maier at gmx.de
Wed Jun 6 16:36:32 BST 2012

Hi everyone,

unbelievable. That's my first post...

We wanna pimp up our grading suite and i am looking for a new kind of bias background lighting.
My dream is a LED based setup. No tubes anymore, please. (I don't like mercury!)

So the following question is in my mind:
Is the CRI - color rendering index - really important?
The CRI or Ra is an average of eight to ten samples, white or grey are not included.

So, isn't any light source good enough, if the white/gray wall rendering a correct D65?
Yes, an object with many different colors needs to be illuminated by a high CRI light source.
But a simple gray/white wall?

What do you think about this?

Until now it's hard/expensive to get some LED with a high CRI over 90.
I'm already in conversation with a LED-supplier, possibly building me a LED setup,
including some high-end and self-adhesive RGB-LED-strips with a RGB-lightness-controller.



Magna Mana Production / Frankfurt

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