[Tig] Grading Considerations (web vs. broadcast)

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Thu Jun 14 19:58:04 BST 2012

Its like trying to predict where the Major League Baseball "Strike  
Zone" is going to be on a given night, with a given umpire, etc.  It  
sort of depends on whether its the bottom of the ninth in a long-ish  
game where the home team is threatening to tie and the home plate  
umpire is trying to catch a flight to the next game....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_r_NZ9m7F8&feature=related  Toronto  
Blue Jays go ballistic.

Umpire incompetence is apparently "part of the game"... and we have  
just as much chance of being able to land a predictable result on a  
portable device used under chaotic conditions.  ie, no way.

On 14-Jun-12, at 8:37 AM, Ádám Halász wrote:

> All displays are gonna be different anyway.

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