[Tig] New "Look" or not?

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Flat and dull has no soul.

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> Hey all.
> Thought I'll put in a comment on this.
> For me it all started back in the days of Sony 750 and 900 cameras. You
> know, the good old fashion HDcam-Camers.
> I noticed that when people had shot on 'video' and then came back to film
> some wanted to 'prove' that it was shot on film and therefor wanted a
> flat-look since that wasn't possible if it was shot with crushed blacks.
> But that went away quickly.
> Then when people started shooting Alexa and since it such an easy workflow
> (shoot Prores and ingest into FCP) more and more productions are editing
> LogC.
> And if the flat and boring LogC-look if all the agency, client and even
> director/DoP ever seen during the shoot and edit. Then they sometimes get
> 'scared' when I start by adding contrast. Because they got so used to the
> look from offline.
> I guess one good thing for an AlexaRAW workflow is: they HAVE TO create
> dailies in order to go into offline.
> And if someone is doing dailies from .ari they would most likely (at
> apply a Rec709-LUT. So at least they wouldn't get used to the flat look.
> It also reminds me of the very first attended onelight I did when I
> started.
> Director and producer sat with me for half a day to do the onelight
> material, I was slow at that time).
> Then they went to offline for a week.
> When they came back for the final grade they of coarse brought a VHS of
> edit so the colorist could see it.
> The whole day the director for referring back to the offline saying ' I
> kind of like that look'
> An in the end he accidentally said 'can we have a look at the
> grade-reference on the VHS?'
> Hehe
> In the end in online he actually did the Directors Cut from my onelight of
> a BetaCamSP :)
> That was the time Mr Wells thought me never to do a 'too good onelight'...
> The client should be happy after the final grade, not referring back to
> onelight
> :)
> So I suppose red, blur, green, contrast or not doesn't really matter. If
> the client has got used to a look for too long it's hard to prove him
> /Carl
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