[Tig] Cyc Wall Paint

David L. Tosh dlt at earthlink.net
Thu May 31 19:20:28 BST 2012

On 5/31/2012 1:32 AM, Cem Ozkilicci wrote:
> I'm building a cyc wall in the grading suite and wanted to know if anyone had a recommendation for the paint ? Should it be 18% gray, or neutral white?...
Remember that the brightness of the surround result from the product of 
the illumination level / spectra and the reflectance of the material you 
are going use. You have lots of options to trade one factor against the 
other. You might want to use a fairly "white" paint and lower the amount 
of light striking it - it seems to me that the titanium used to produce 
bright white in paint pigments is likely to be a broad, even reflector 
across a wide spectrum whereas some "gray" pigments may have more 
difficult spectra.

But the end result is intended to be subdued enough to as /not/ cause 
accommodation of your vision to the background color temperature that 
could influence your perception of the money shots on the screen. You 
need a known color temperature object approximately at the levels of 
peak white on your displays to provide the reference white. (Rob was 
known to put up a half size square on the CRT at 100 IRE and stare at it 
for a few minutes to make sure he knew where white was. - How's that for 
dated technology and measurements?)
David Tosh
Recovering Telecine Engineer
Sierra Madre, CA

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