[Tig] CRTS and CCDs, Battle Royale

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Thu Sep 13 01:11:12 BST 2012

On Sep 12, 2012, at 4:40 PM, Rob Lingelbach wrote:

> Going back successively, there were other moments of reluctance.  One iteration back from
> the Spirit would be: Cintel Ursa vs. Cintel Digiscan IV telecines.  There were protests about
> "The Ursa Look", particularly from New York.
> One big improvement involved Bill Hogan's filtration kit for the Ursa, that removed an inherent
> tilt in one of the channels (if I recall correctly it was blue).

Didn't mean to overlook Stuart Hunt's work with the ITK family of machines (as both Dave Pickett and
I mentioned, the Millennium II was awfully nice) and the SCand'al, TWiKi (capitalization?) and Clearview
advancements.  And of course the C-Reality.  Which as mentioned might have been the pinnacle of
CRT technology, though I'm not sure a C-Reality at HD would look as good as a well-tuned Millennium
II at the same resolution.

And Dave Walker's machine, the CineGlyph (which morphed into the Nova).  
These all were amazing exercises in technology.

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