[Tig] Rec. 709 Monitor Calibration For Post

Cédric Lejeune cxl at workflowers.net
Thu Sep 13 14:49:00 BST 2012

Hi Mike,

Spectracal has a CalPC for computers, I don't know if it does the offset
thing, but their video product does so worth checking. For video
measurements I use Chromapure, Spectracal, ColorHCFR (free and french, 2
good reasons to try it:), Light Illusion, depending on the probe, display,
goal of the measurement. Cinespace, Trulight and Light Illusion again can
go further by profiling displays and generate LUTs.

I'm not affiliated with those guys but I've used their products in the past
with more or less success.


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2012/9/13 Michael Nagel <michanagel at yahoo.com>

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> =====
> Hi,
> we are using a few Eizo CG275W for editing and color grading. Currently we
> use Eizo's own software Color Navigator and a colorimeter (either an
> i1Display Pro or a basICColor Discus) to calibrate the screens. We tried
> the
> basICColor software but found results were similar and the Color Navigator
> integration with the Eizo's was better.
> I am looking for a calibration solution for computer screens that supports
> the creation of a colorimeter compensation matrix using a spectro which
> will
> accommodate for the color drift of the colorimeters and provide better
> color
> accuracy.
> Color Navigator and basICColor do not support profiling a colorimeter to a
> spectro and using that compensation profile during calibration.
> Any suggestions for a software solution (for computer screen calibration)
> that has this ability ?

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