[Tig] HOLLYWOOD SMPTE -- HIGH FRAME DEMO and Distribution -- Past, Present and Future

Bill Hogan billhogan1 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 19:14:54 BST 2012

*For the PAST 100 years Feature Distribution has been on FILM.  But that
all changed with the roll-out
of DIGITAL CINEMA. Learn how and what this is all about.

HOLLYWOOD SMPTE will present "Distribution -- Past, Present and Future.
This FREE program will be presented
this WEDNESDAY, Sept 19 in Hollywood at the Academy's Dunn Theater at 1313
Vine St. (FREE
parking behind the Theater.)  You need to RSVP and ALL are welcome - SMPTE
MEMBERS & NON-Members.

Please RSVP here:  http://hsmpte19sep2012.eventbrite.com Full info here:

An ADDED BONUS will be a BIG SCREEN demo of High Frame Rate capture and
display.* *
This will compare 24 and 48 Frame of the same material.

Presenters will include:* *
Dick May, Film Technology Company
Mike Smith, Wavelet Consulting LLC
Nick Mitchell, VP Mastering - Technicolor
Nelson Meacham - Co-Chair, SMPTE Working Group on Digital Cinema
Don Chestnutt - VP Print Operations - Warner Bros

Topics to be discussed include the 100 year history of film distribution.
What is a DCP (Digital Cinema Package)?
Why was JPEG2000 chosen as the compression format? What data rate is
distribution? How are DCPs
distributed? What is SMPTE working on for the future of distribution? How
are DCP made?  What picture
and sound elements are delivered to make the DCP? How does security work?
How has this worked out for the
studios and theaters? And as important-- HOW IS ALL THIS BEING PAID FOR?

Hope to see you this Wednesday evening. Remember go here for FREE
registration : * *http://hsmpte19sep2012.eventbrite.com

Regards, Bill Hogan
Burbank, CA

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