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Agustin Goya agustingoya at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 12:23:23 BST 2012

You can "expand" to RGB in Full screen mode.
Go to settings->Fullscreen Playback and check 'Expand Luninace for
computers Display'
that way you'll have an 709 image well displayed in an RGB monitor, but
only in FullScreen (CTRL+SHIFT+F), source and record monitors in Avid are
always 709.

Agustin Goya

On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 6:58 PM, JP Beauviala <jp at aaton.com> wrote:

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> 19 Sept.2012, « Steve MacMillan » wrote:
> >Is there a case for rendering out editorial proxies at full range for
> >projects
> >where the editor doesn't really use a Rec709 monitor?
> Pierre Haberer <ph at cineaste.org> suggests:
> " You can use an RGB project, but not sure it'll help with the display.
> There isn't much to do with how MC displays the rushes in the viewer on a
>  RGB monitor. If you use the "Full Screen Playback" though, there is a
> setting that make Rec709 look better on a RGB monitor (ok, with MC6
> there is a bug which renders this setting useless, but Avid says it'll be
>  fixed in the next patch).
> It's in Settings/Full Screen Playback. "
> --jp
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