[Tig] TV Settings...

Riza Nur Pacalioglu riza at silver.co.uk
Thu Sep 20 15:38:59 BST 2012


The only hope is to make the manufacturers understand what vision fidelity is and design TV sets to obey. As long as TVs are manufactured in Far East that will never happen!

Have you ever watched Japanese TV broadcasts? To a western professional, who is involved with images, they look utter shite. To them those images with their garish, over saturated and bright colours is good. We have to realise that they build those TVs for their consumers first. Every product comes to market at their local first. Every product is conceived, designed, manufactured and tested by them. The sales to the rest to us in the West is secondary. It only helps the bottom line. Not different to the pharmaceutical companies selling drugs to Africa.

The same happened in Hi-Fi. British and American amplifiers had mild tone controls and high end ones even had none. Then Japanese entered (Far East equalled to Japan then) and amplifiers had graphic equalisers to mess with the sound, lovingly crafted by artists and engineers in million Dollar studios. Equalisers became the norm on any audio amplifier and Hi-Fi died. These days even American iTunes has equaliser settings. People from the Far East do not care about fidelity, be it vision or audio. They want to mould the sound to their liking and their liking is not to our liking. 

Soon vision fidelity will also die and we will end up watching garish images. Come to think of it, aren't we already talking about film making as we know it is dying? Like Hi-Fi did?

Please do not read this as a racist rant. I am only trying to explain that there is no correct image setting that works globally. If Hollywood wants their images to be displayed correctly on TVs manufactured in Far East they have two options. 1) Convince Samsung and Sony, 2) Use garish, bright colours instead :-)

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