[Tig] TV Settings...

Graham Collett grahamcollett at visible-sprockets.co.uk
Fri Sep 21 08:02:07 BST 2012

this has been going on as long as i can remember, and i'm sure i'm not the oldest person on this list ... i can hear a few murmours, dont say it !
Its is alot better as the lcd's displays pretty much come out all the same and more or less stay that way.
I remember calibrating Gerry Anderson's monitor/telly ..and when i had finished, told him it was perfectly calibrated he said great but i like it like this and deleted my calibration and opened the curtains.
Public talk about colour calibration now whereas it used to be a foreign language, and they can buy little eye one type probes for a few quid.
Its good enough for them. What would be nice is to have an RP219 test frame stored in every telly ...easy these days. 

Graham Collett
Visible Sprockets Ltd

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