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> From: Cem Ozkilicci <cemoz101 at yahoo.com>
> http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-19650769
> Interesting how they will manage to get this going. 
Easy! Bring back the test card! Or have a cable/satellite TV channel 
with a rolling set of test chart displays, funded by adverts for TV 

Right now we have a lot of conflicting display technologies, and a 
continuous rush to bring out the biggest, brightest flattest TV. This 
leads display engineers to try all kinds of hacks to make to hide the 
worst faults of their model. Usually we end up with some sort of digital 
filter that helps one sort of image, but harms another, so you get these 
strange  "sport" modes or "film" modes on plasma sets. And the person 
who buys them includes the Wide Boy in the pub who boasts about how big 
his one is, and the number of functions it has, and how he can play 
solitaire with the broadcast in a small window while the adverts are on. 
I think everything will settle down when the display market has 
stabilized a bit.

Until that happesns, we have the test chart. You cannot make a broadcast 
test chart that checks the absolute white point or the colour of the 
primaries, but you can check the tone curve pretty well. You can put up 
a real image with things like flesh tones which will check that your 
primaries are video-like. You probably won't see a 20% increase in 
saturation, but you would know if you had a very intense LED red, but 
the green and blue were not as bright, which would distort the colour 
space. One new sort of test chart would probably have colour patches 
that approached the video limits so you can see gamut clipping or 
squashing if something is pulling the colour space off-centre.

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