[Tig] TV Settings

Riza Nur Pacalioglu riza at silver.co.uk
Fri Sep 21 17:39:38 BST 2012

"Actually, all new TVs that I've reviewed do this - and have done for the last few years. They have a "Home / Store" selection screen during the initial setup. Of course, the "Home" setting is still a 9300K-ish setting with oversaturated colours and wacky video processing, with the only difference being in panel light output (so, for power consumption reasons)."

That is not what the poster suggested. Panel light output selection is to conform to the power consumption ratings manufacturers publish. At the store setting those TVs will consume more powered than specified/advertised. They had to set the TV to home setting. Otherwise, advertising authorities and consumer right organisations will shout for misleading the public.

What original poster suggested was to set the colorimetry to the correct broadcast standard of the local the TV sold. Naturally the back light have to be set correctly as well, but the problem we are discussing here is not the extra bright backlight.

Riza Nur Pacalioglu M.Sc.
Silver Productions, Salisbury, England

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