[Tig] TV Settings

Cem Ozkilicci cemoz101 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 25 17:09:44 BST 2012

"Let's hope Apple enters the TV market :-)"

Apple actually does not manufacture its own panels for its displays. Someone can correct me here but as far as I know the panels are actually manufactured by LG, which are South Korean. 

And I personally, wince at the idea of Apple developing a TV. Apple has made life a living hell for most of us in post with Quicktime having different gammas on different OS', different QT versions and different players, we don't need more OSX\QT integration in our lives. 

Frankly, anyone who allowed the development and launch of Final Cut X should not come close to the world of post production or television. (There, I said it!)

Those are my two cents, take it as you wish...



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