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With respect, I disagree with this analysis. This isn't a question of
preferences or "far east" - Samsung is too global a company to be pilloried
because of the location of their headquarters. They made a market decision
which I agree was incorrect, but it's not a whim. They know what sells TVs
in BestBuy, and they're trying to use it as an advantage. All the input
images - even the asset PNGs for the app UIs - are sRGB, so the display's
infrastructure just remaps and bingo, super saturated colors.

It could be the start of an attempt by Samsung to push forward on
colorspace and argue for a wider gamut. sRGB/709 is a tiny little sad piece
of crap compared to the displays that are available now. Doubt it,
unfrotunately, they're probably just doing the BestBuy thing, or they're
just being lazy.


On Tuesday, September 25, 2012, Riza Nur Pacalioglu wrote:

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> Further to my earlier post on how Far Eastern tastes 'spoiling' the
> correct/standard display of images on modern TVs, I saw this article about
> iPhone 5's and Samsung Galaxy III's screen.
> http://www.extremetech.com/computing/136669-samsung-galaxy-s3-vs-iphone-5-display-shoot-out-apple-wins-again
> The display on both devices use almost the same technology and their
> colour gamut are very similar. Apple have calibrated their screen to
> display sRGB colour gamut, which is the computer/web display standard that
> is used on almost all computers and is less than what their display can
> show. Whereas Samsung had allowed the full available colour gamut, which is
> 40% more than sRGB. The result is vivid and over saturated colours while
> viewing images on the Samsung device.
> This is a typical reaction from a Far Eastern manufacturer. They have a
> wide gamut display and they used it to the full without any regard to
> 'western' standards. For them more vivid colours the better it is.
> This proves my point that unless we produce display devices in the west,
> be it smartphone or TV, the issue of correct colours will never be solved
> to our satisfaction.
> Let's hope Apple enters the TV market :-)
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