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Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Tue Sep 25 17:34:32 BST 2012

You will have to defend your thesis against the historical precedent  
of reverse compatibility with NTSC/PAL and all that Y'CbCr stuff -- I  
mean, WHO really needs black & white compatibility anymore --  
really?  I am fully aware that the consumer/electronics business  
model is entirely based on planned plus perceived obsolescence.   
Unfortunate that the sector of the industry that observes standards  
*as negotiated* is perceived and pushed into obsolescence.  Perhaps  
its just Darwinian, but a world in which there are no rules is just a  
jungle and we shouldn't bother with pretending to be a civilization.

On 25-Sep-12, at 10:20 AM, Alexander Black wrote:

> sRGB/709 is a tiny little sad piece
> of crap compared to the displays that are available now.

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