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Riza Nur Pacalioglu riza at silver.co.uk
Tue Sep 25 17:48:17 BST 2012

“Apple actually does not manufacture its own panels for its displays. Someone can correct me here but as far as I know the panels are actually manufactured by LG, which are South Korean.”

That is true but irrelevant to the final image display. Panel is just one part of a devices display. It is the panel working together with the rest of the display and the display electronics that defines the image we see.

The fact is Apple and HP (who also do not manufacture their panels) produce images that comply to a standard by default. Samsung and LG (who both manufacture their panels) produce images that does not comply to any standard by default. These are irrefutable facts. We can argue about the reason but the fact is, the standards that are agreed in the west are not accepted in the east, at least by default. I don’t think so far anyone disagrees with that?

My reason for that is because far-easterners do not like subdued colours that our standards result. Hence, manufacturers default their sets to vivid, non-standard colour gamut. You can argue that and spent as many cents as you wish ☺ 

Observations show that far easterners love vivid colours than the subdued colour we like in the west and what each colour means to us differ wildly between east and west. In the far-east, white is the colour of death and mourning. We invariably use black for that. In the far-east, red is the colour of joy and fertility, thus it is a traditional colour for brides' dresses. This is not true for us. We use red for strength, protection, sex, passion and courage. 

“This isn't a question of preferences or "far east" - Samsung is too global a company to be pilloried because of the location of their headquarters. They made a market decision which I agree was incorrect, but it's not a whim. They know what sells TVs in BestBuy, and they're trying to use it as an advantage.”

We have previously heard from a person who worked for Toshiba UK. Toshiba is also a pretty global company but their approach was the same. They shipped their TVs set to vivid as default, even though they spend resources to tune some of some settings to fit the local market. I don’t think I am pillorying any company, but I do indeed pillory far-eastern manufacturers, as that is my point.

Meanwhile, if Samsung knows what sells best in BestBuy, according to your logic, Apple does not. Samsung Galaxy has vivid display whereas Apple iPhone has sRGB display.


Riza Nur Pacalioglu M.Sc.
Silver Productions, Salisbury, England

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