[Tig] Remote Grading

Jean-Francois Panisset panisset at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 02:33:45 GMT 2013

I suspect this is probably a lot more expensive than what you are
looking for, but the TVIPS products such as the TVG-430, 450 or 480
are good solutions for remote grading:


(hmm, looks like the company is now called Nevion). Basically this is
a box that takes HD-SDI on input and outputs JPEG 2000 over Ethernet,
and on the other side the same box takes JPEG 2000 over Ethernet and
spits out HD-SDI video. A lot of video over IP products are 8 bit only
and only support 50/60 FPS broadcast frame rates: the TVG 430 supports
23.98/24 frame rates, and keeps 10 bits per color component. Also,
since the JPEG 2000 codec is intra-frame only, the latency is low,
which is great when the remote client is asking for adjustments and
expects to see the picture change in more or less "real time".

The downside is that this is a fairly bandwidth hungry solution, you
want something like 50 to 60 mbit/sec to get a "visually lossless"
picture. And it is certainly not inexpensive, it only makes sense if
you are setting up a link that will be used quite often.

A much less expensive solution is the Marshall line of H.264 video codecs:


The VS-102-HDSDI will take HD-SDI input and output H.264 over
Ethernet, and the VS-102-HDI on the receiving end can decode the H.264
and output it via HDMI to a monitor. This product (and there are
several similar ones) requires a lot less bandwidth, you can get a
fairly decent H.264 stream at somewhere between 5 and 7 mbit/sec, but
the latency is a lot higher, so that can be an issue if clients are
expecting interactive performance at the remote site.

JF Panisset

On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 12:43 PM, David HJ. Lindberg
<david.hj.lindberg at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm about to grade a commercial for clients in NYC and I'm curious about
> what softwares you think is best for letting them see the grading live. It
> doesn't have to be realtime of course, but preferably it should be able to
> share the screen in at least 1080p.
> Do you have any tips on other applications that is safe from color shifting
> and that delivers a good framerate as well as resolution?

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