[Tig] Tuesday Q: projectors

Juan Salvo js at grsv.com
Fri Mar 8 18:25:51 GMT 2013

> If I am correctly visualizing the room that Juan is talking about, its a
> little bigger than the average grade suite, but not quite a private
> screening theatre -- not quite the size of some of the theatre/grade suites
> that FOTOKEM built, for example.

Joe, you're going to give me a complex about the size of my screen. I'll
have you know we're coming mighty close to 4m.... like 3.8 right now. ;)
I'll admit it's not a grand theatre, but it's a small/medium screening
room. Besides it's not the size of your screen that counts, it's how you
use it!

Seriously though, you and Peter raise a good point. It does seems like
there is a seriously underserved market here for facilities with 3-4m
screens who desire to be able to do DCi. I've heard good things about the
Christie 2210, has anyone heard anything (or perhaps seen in use) the Barco

Are there HD-SDI options for the Christie Solaria One?

Any rumblings of something worthwhile at NAB?

My gut is that the laser matemarism issue will make any laser based systems
unfit for color critical work.

Noise, power and size are all major factors for us. But ultimately I think
we need something that fulfills the role fo DCi complaint first and


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