[Tig] Remove versions in Resolve

Joey D'Anna joeydanna at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 00:47:45 GMT 2013

Try right clicking and selecting "copy network grades to local"

I forget if its right click on the timeline or on the shot, I'm not in
front of a machine at the moment.
On Mar 10, 2013 8:45 PM, "David HJ. Lindberg" <david.hj.lindberg at gmail.com>

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> Hey,
> I've tried to search for an answer on google but didn't find anything, so
> I'm trying my luck here.
> I'm currently grading this music video which has a lot of sync shots of the
> artist singing. That means I'm often coming back to the same take here and
> there throughout the whole video. But it looks like Resolve link these
> shots and add the same grade to every shot that is the same take. This may
> be good in some situations but in my case, the lightning of the artist is
> shifting constantly and I need to grade these individually.
> Is there a simple way of just removing all these links in one click? I know
> that you can go into one individual clip and press add new version, but
> it's not a fast workflow to choose one clip and then scroll through the
> whole video to see all the clips that is linked to that one.
> Thank you!
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