[Tig] Remove versions in Resolve

Patrick Inhofer elists at fini.tv
Tue Mar 12 14:30:56 GMT 2013

> Wouldn't this just make a 'new' unlinked timeline?
> I mean... When you grade on that one none of the grades will be copied to
> the MasterTimeline.. Right?

You can switch the entire timeline to Local - which would indeed completely
bypass the Master Timeline and all its functionality and ensure *every*
linked shot is now unlinked.

If you're looking to just 'break' the linking for a single clip, then you
can just switch that shot to a local Version. Again, the grade will be
ignored by the Master Timeline.

If you're not using Master Timeline functionality and either rendering out
the timeline as a single clip or as individually named single clips, then
the choice is of no consequence.

But if you're rendering out of the Master Timeline (say, you want to create
a perfect duplicate of the source media... only color graded) then grading
Locally is a big problem. IME, the biggest reason I have for hating shot
linking is when working with Power Windows. And so, assuming the source
media has been trimmed down, I tend to do all my Power Window work in the
Master Session on the entire shot.

- patrick
Fini.tv, TaoOfColor.com

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