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Yes.  This is the intent behind the RGB color mixer controls in RESOLVE if you want "monochrome".  You will see the default scalar factors in the RGB sliders that we have been talking about.   An operator can also accentuate the individual channel contributions to the overall B&W final brightness range by adjusting those values.  You will get different responses depending on whether you choose to "preserve luminance" or not.  In this way, you can simulate different B&W stock responses, even start faking something like infrared.  

The great costume designer Edith Head is almost invariably portrayed wearing either sunglasses or eyewear with a tint, usually pink.  It was not necessarily a style choice on her part, as she usually explained that she was trying to visualize how her color choices were going to look in black & white, because all her costumes were produced in appropriate colors to the narrative whether the film was being shot and / or released in color or not.

I have finished innumerable projects where the producer initially came in looking for zero chroma black & white, and went away (happily) with maybe a hint of original color, or a selection of the original palette qualified in some way, and often overlaid with a tint of some kind, depending on the vibe -- often sepia for vintage, green for "Stones' - Have You Seen My Baby?", cyan/amber split for cliché-action, cold-cyan/bleach-bypass "Matrix" and so on...  This style of color correction starts to feel like being a stand-up impressionist.    (Do Jim Carrey! DeNiro! Jack Nicholson! John Wayne!.... Do Jim Carrey doing David Caruso!)

On 2013-03-17, at 10:43 AM, David HJ. Lindberg wrote: You

> This got me thinking, when adding bw effects where you can adjust
> parameters like the red, green and blue channel does that mean we're
> adjusting the percent of how much of the different channels is affecting
> the bw effect?

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