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NAB is around the corner and at Workflowers and CPGP we would like to
talk about our latest news:

You might know our   wf_x plugins for  Autodesk Lustre are used by
studios like  Technicolor,  Efilm, Cinepostproduction, Universal.
We've just added a  new clone  feature in QuickComp. And Crisp is
surely the best way to  have your 4K  look like 4K!

They are now available on a per week or per month rental basis, as
well as standalone and site licenses. Check them up there:
Also   we have a drawing at NAB next week for a full license of wf_x,
send us   your hostid and get a 1 month free license for them and this
gets you   in! Please send your hostid to support at cpgp.nu

I will drive 2 color management workshops after NAB in LA, one generic
over 1 day at Roush Media in Burbank:

The second one will be Autodesk Flame/Smoke/Lustre centric in the
Venice office


Please check the whole set of Workflowers training courses here (
http://www.workflowers.net/wp/services-2/training/ ). Some other
classes will happen later this year in other spots on the globe, to be
announced on the Workflowers ( http://www.workflowers.net/ ),
International Colorist Academy ( http://www.icolorist.com/ ), Facebook
( https://www.facebook.com/Workflowers ), Twitter (
https://twitter.com/C_Workflowers ) channels.

Our RPS, remote production support (
http://www.workflowers.net/wp/services-2/online-support/ ) service is
picking up.   Lately we've setup remotely the color processing for
Flame and Lustre   on a F55 project and setup the workflow between
Smoke on Mac and Nuke.   Minimum costs, very fast, we can do a lot
that way.

Something  our team has been working on also is MWM, it's an amazing
interactive  real time tool for video mapping, with unlimited number
of live video inputs,  outputs (each has its own independent lens
distorsion) and control  devices. Check it out at: http://insidinc.com

Remember if you have special request for coding we are specialists in
highly optimized graphics processing code using state of the art
technologies for both CPU and GPU.

Don't hesitate to contact us about your projects and for those who are
going to NAB, let's catch up in Vegas!


Cédric Lejeune

Media workflow specialist

tel EUR: +33 970 467 327 ( tel:%2B33%20970%20467%20327 )
tel US: +1 310 526 3126 ( tel:%2B1%20310%20526%203126 )
mobile: +33 629 436 218 ( tel:%2B33%20629%20436%20218 )

Contact me:  lejeune.cedric  c-workflowers

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