[Tig] Blackmagic Cintel Scanner

Bob Friesenhahn bfriesen at simple.dallas.tx.us
Mon Apr 7 18:35:28 BST 2014

On Mon, 7 Apr 2014, Steve Roberts wrote:
> Have we talked about this yet?
> http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/uk/products/cintel

Regardless of how well it actually works, what I got from this is that 
there will be jobs for colorists in the future because of the need to 
rescan and restore existing film at at least 4k resolution.

The footprint is small and if the scanner is readily available and 
affordable then many of them will be purchased, resulting in many more 
images to be graded and cleaned up, and more jobs.

Unfortunately, the jobs may not pay so much since tk no longer 
requires such expensive equipment.  The jobs may be created in 2nd or 
even 3rd-world countries.

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