[Tig] Blackmagic Cintel Scanner

Cem Ozkilicci cemoz101 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 7 19:27:30 BST 2014

Its difficult to really discuss this product without any technical info. 

It seems like a tweaked DiTTo from the outside but you never know what has been kept or thrown away. 

As for Revival, I wouldnt be surprised if they decided to bundle it in the future depending on how many of these they sell. Or maybe add it as an option package for Resolve. I remember when Resolve first came out, you did have a Revival module in it that could 'talk' to a Revival workstation.

Regarding gigs for colorists in the future, I do hope that this wont dumb down the knowledge and expertise that is required in handling archive film for scanning.

I can already picture an over-enthused newbie calling up people saying he or she has a scanner and tries to run archive film without prepping it.

Just have to wait and see...!


Storyline / Oslo

There were about 450 Spirits worldwide (including Shadows)  and I don't 
know how many Cintel machines. so I am guessing... maybe they could sell 
5000-10000 of these at this price.  and don't forget their history of 
price drops  as time goes on. And it looks like Revival is dropped from 
their product line as well.

Grace McKay

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