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Bob Friesenhahn bfriesen at simple.dallas.tx.us
Tue Apr 15 14:45:58 BST 2014

On Mon, 14 Apr 2014, Robert Frye wrote:

> Bob that's an interesting comment you made regarding the Dolby 
> Vision demo looking washed out.  Was this the public demo in the 
> main booth area or in the private "grading suite" demo with the 
> Baselight?  I only saw the outside demo and the content I viewed was

My comment is based entirely on the two videos I watched in your 
referenced articles.  One was from Display Central.

In these videos, the Dolby Vision side was much brighter, with the sky 
being almost entirely washed out and almost everything in the image 
was brighter.  The rules of physics still apply so I suspect that the 
Dolby Vision side was cranked up much brighter.

> You're dead on re: the issues with consumer display and the cinema. 
> The consumer TV's slated for Dolby Vision may not go much above 800 
> nits, which will be an improvement, but not as much as 2k or 4k 
> nits.  Making displays that can hit 2k nits and above is not an easy 
> process, power consumption being one significant hurdle.  The power 
> requirements of Dolby's big 4,000 nit prototype is pretty high. 
> And as you say, brightness does to varying degrees, equate to cost. 
> I would guess that ultimately, higher brightness will become a 
> feature that's simply absorbed into the products as another feature, 
> similar to how many TV's are now "smart."

TV vendors are not interested in making products that they can not 
sell in California.  Notice that plasma panel power consumption 
dropped way down after California introduced its power consumption 

Projection TVs would likely need to use laser scanning in order to 
meet power requirements as well as actual HDR.  Otherwise the 
projection bulb would need to produce a uniform brightness at least as 
bright as the brightest pixel.

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