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> As someone who has started out in postproduction just eight years ago, I have never worked with nitrate film. All safety issues aside, how is nitrate different from acetate? Does it have a specific look to it? 

Fluid, velvety, rich…

The following URLs and comments are lifted from http://francescamiller.com/nitrate.html

www.cinema.ucla.edu/preservation/preservation - UCLA is one of the leaders in film preservation and storage of nitrate films.

www.nilesfilmmuseum.org/nitrate.htm  This is a link to Leonard Maltin’s article which was originally published by In Focus Magazine in 1996 and details the efforts to preserve nitrate films in Dayton, Ohio.

www.filmpreservation.org - Excellent resource for any student of film interested in preservation

www.filmreference.com - Great resource for cinemaphiles.

www.pictureshowman.com  - Another site dedicated to Hollywood’s Golden Years with interesting information on nitrate films.

www.fiafnet.org/uk - The official site of the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF).

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